The Agar League is the first ever league competition on the online browser game Agar.io.

Featuring the best clans and players across the world, the first season composes of 12 teams competing every week in pursuit of the title. Agar League is a competition hosted and powered by Agarhub.


Who participates?

The first season features Agar.io clans playing in Europe server region.

Clans wishing to participate need to be either invited by an organizer/host or submit a team application here and be accepted. Once a season has started, candidatures go for the next season.

All levels are welcome, though the league has some entry requirements:

– Clan has to be sustainable with loyal members

– Teams need to have at least 8 active players

– All players need to have Teamspeak. The clan does not need to have its own teamspeak as long as leaders can be easily reached with discord, skype and other tools.


When is the first season?

The first season will start on Saturday 24th March 2018.

It shoud last 5 weeks (depending on the number of teams) with 2 matches per week end per team: one on Saturdays, one on Sundays.


What are the prizes?

Help support the development of the Agar League. All donations go towards hosting costs and better league prizes.


Where is the tournament held?

– This website and Discord will be used to share results, informations

– Matches will be held on Teamspeak at the following adress: ts.agar-league.com


What extension is used?

All matches have to be played with the Ogar.io extension which can be dowloaded here.



Can I contribute to the League?

We’re always looking for contributors (referees, streamers, donators, etc). If you want to be a referee, please submit a referee application here.

For other enquiries, feel free to contact Hot Doge on the Teamspeak of the League or on Discord (xHot Doge#9174).